vampire the masquerade console commands

vampire the masquerade console commands: All Cheat Codes Sheet You need

Here are my all time favoire vampire the masquerade console commands and the cheat codes sheet that you need to hack vampire the masquerade 

Q1. how to enable console commands in vampire the masquerade

You can do following things to enable commands in vampire the masquerade
Start the game with  “-console 1″ parameter.
 Press ~ tiled while playing and type your cheat codes 

Q2. vampire the masquerade console commands not working

If your vampire the masquerade console commands is not working probably you have used It’s gift xp, instead of It’s giftxp ( without space)

Vampire the Masquerade Console Commands Cheats Lists

If you play Victoria 2 and searching for its cheat codes, we have collected Victoria 2 Console Commands for you.

Here are the cheat codes that we have collected to help you out.

Console commands / CheatsDescription
blood [500]Availability of infinite blood
vgender_int [0-1]See if the player is male/female
vstats buyUse XP pooled from the “vstats sell”
vstats get automatic_str_successes [1-10]Unarmed/melee combat feat rolls
give item_a_xxxxgive armor of type xxxx
blood [number]Set character’s blood pool
give item_w_Spawn weapon
vstats get [stat] [0-5]Set attribute
vstats get automatic_str_successes [1-10]Unarmed/melee
vstats get automatic_soak_successes [1-10]All soak rolls
give item_g_eldervitaepackELDERVITAEPACK
notarget [0/1]Invisible to enemys.
vclansAllow clans
give item_g_bluebloodpackBLUEBLOODPACK
cmdlistList of cheats.
give item_p_Spawn vampire artifact/book
v_hidevgui [#]Hides the HUD if set to 1
cmdlistList console commands
vstats get dominate [5]DOMINATE discipline
vstats get presence [5]PRESENCE discipline
npc_freezeFreezes NPCs in place
vstats get protean [5]PROTEAN discipline
item_g_lockpickPossession of Lockpick
vskip_introSkip sequence when it is executed
vstats get automatic_str_successes 10+10 stats MELEE/UNARMED
vstats get [stat] [0-5]Set indicated attribute
notargetInvisible to everyone
vstats get dementation [5]DEMENTATION discipline
vstats [sell]Sell off dots
vstats get automatic_soak_successes 10+10 stats EACH SOAK
give item_p_Spawn vampire artifact or book
giftxp [#]Get experience points
impulse [101]Most items and weapons
vstats get potence [5]POTENCE discipline
vstats get animalism [5]ANIMALISM discipline
give item_w_Spawn weapon
noclipNo clipping mode
vstats get thaumaturgy [5]THAUMATURGY discipline
give item_g_Spawn item
vstats [buy]Use the “vstats sell” code
vstats get auspex [5]AUSPEX discipline
debug_infinite_ammo [2]Infinite ammo for weapons
giftxp [#]give # number of xp points
vhelpList all console commands
Blood 500Give Extra or Infinite Blood
impulse [101]Gives all weapons, ammo + clothing
vclan_[clan name or number]Alter non-player “clans”
vclan Player_[clan name]Changes the player’s clan
debug_infinite_ammo [2]Infinite ammo for all weapons
giftxp [number]Get experience points
blood [#]replace # with the number of points
chareditorOpens your character sheet.
vstats get charisma [5]CHARISMA skill
give item_g_bloodpackBLOODPACK
give item_m_Spawn money item
vstats get firearms [5]FIREARMS discipline
give [item]Spawn indicated item
vitemsList items to spawn
vstats get perception [5]PERCEPTION discipline
quitExit to the desktop
give [item]Spawn indicated item
blood75% set blood pool character
vitemsList items that can be spawned
vstats get intelligence [5]INTELLIGENCE skill
vstats sellSell off dots for experience points
cmdlistList console commands
oceanhouseQuestCompleteSkip the mission
vstats get celerity [5]CELERITY discipline
give item_m_Spawn money item
vskip_introSkip beginning sequence
vstats get automatic_soak_successes [1-10]Add value to soak rolls
noclipDisable clipping mode
vstats get fortitude [5]FORTITUDE discipline
give item_w_xxxxgive weapon of type xxxx
blood75% sets player of blood pool character
give item_a_Spawn clothing
give item_w_sheriff_swordSpawn Sheriff’s sword
vchar_edit_histories [1]Edit player character’s history
impulse [101]Weapons & Ammo + Clothing
noclip [0/1]Go through walls.
cl_showfps [1]show’s FPS
quitCloses the game.
vstats get wits [5]WITS skill
vstats get dexterity [5]DEXTERITY skill
OceanHouseQuestCompleteSkip “THE GHOST HAUNTS MIDNIGHT”
vchar_edit_histories [1]Can give character a history
godEnable invincibility
vchar_edit_histories [1]Character has history
vstats get obfuscate [5]OBFUSCATE discipline
notargetInvisible to everyone
godGod mode
god or godmodeenable godmode
give item_g_Spawn item
debug_change_masquerade_level [1/-1]Changes masquerade level
give item_a_Spawn clothing

Stat Names for Vampire the Masquerade 

You can use following values with the “vstats get [stat] [0-5]” code: given above

  1. Dominate
  2. Dexterity
  3. Humanity
  4. Animalism
  5. Charisma
  6. Wits
  7. Auspex
  8. Presence
  9. Intelligence
  10. Fortitude
  11. Blood_healing
  12. Protean
  13. Potence
  14. Obfuscate
  15. Corpus_vampirus (Blood Buff)
  16. Celerity
  17. Thaumaturgy
  18. Dementation

Item Names for Vampire the Masqueade cheat codes

You can make use of following values with the “give [item]” code:

  • item_g_bluebloodpack
  • item_p_occult_lockpicking
  • item_w_colt_anaconda
  • item_w_supershotgun
  • item_m_money_envelope
  • item_g_drugs_pill_bottle
  • item_a_lt_cloth
  • item_p_occult_obfuscate
  • item_p_occult_passive_durations
  • item_w_occultblade
  • item_w_tire_iron
  • item_p_research_lg_computers
  • item_g_wallet
  • item_w_deserteagle
  • item_w_torch
  • item_a_lt_leather
  • item_g_lockpick
  • item_p_occult_strength
  • item_w_steyr_aug
  • item_w_bush_hook
  • item_p_research_hg_melee
  • item_i_written
  • item_p_research_mg_melee
  • item_w_claws_protean4
  • item_p_research_hg_computers
  • item_g_eldervitaepack
  • item_m_money_clip
  • item_w_severed_arm
  • item_p_occult_presence
  • item_p_occult_heal_rate
  • item_w_knife
  • item_w_osnndotnet
  • item_w_katana
  • item_p_research_lg_dodge
  • item_d_holy_light
  • item_w_mac_10
  • item_w_claws_protean5
  • item_w_claws
  • item_w_uzi
  • item_p_occult_thaum_damage
  • item_w_baseball_bat
  • item_m_wallet
  • item_w_fists
  • item_p_occult_experience
  • item_g_astrolite
  • item_w_remington_m_700
  • item_w_tzimisce3_claw
  • item_g_bloodpack
  • item_p_research_mg_finance
  • item_g_vv_photo
  • item_p_research_lg_firearms
  • item_p_gargoyle_talisman
  • item_a_body_armor
  • item_w_fireaxe
  • item_w_unarmed
  • item_w_glock_17c
  • item_p_occult_hacking
  • item_w_flamethrower
  • item_p_occult_dodge
  • item_a_hvy_leather
  • item_p_occult_regen
  • item_w_baton
  • item_p_research_lg_stealth
  • item_p_occult_blood_buff
  • item_w_thirtyeight
  • item_a_hvy_cloth
  • item_p_research_mg_security
  • item_w_sledgehammer
  • item_w_crossbow
  • item_p_research_mg_brawl
  • item_p_runwonted_rules
  • item_p_research_hg_dodge
  • item_w_crossbow_flaming
  • item_g_lilly_diary
  • item_g_keyring
  • item_p_research_hg_firearms
  • item_p_occult_dexterity
  • item_p_occult_frenzy
  • item_w_ithaca_m_37


Hope, You guys have learnt now how to use the cheats for vampire the masquerade inorder to play it more better 

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