Morrowind Console Commands 2020

Morrowind Console Commands: Every Cheat Codes You Need

So you guys are playing a morrowind  game? And looking for the cheat codes?

I am here with all the morrowind console commands and cheat codes for you to take your game to next level 

  1.  How do I use console commands in Morrowind?

    In order to use the console commands you need to activate by opening the developer console by pressing tilde ~ sign 

  2. Why Morrowind console commands are not working

    If morrowind console commands are not working, You need to use the item id not the item name. 

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Morrowind Console Commands Lists

Console Commands / CheatsDescription
Character Commands
SetReputation <#>Adjusts reputation to the given number.
SetCurrentHealth <#>Sets current health. Health can be changed to Magicka or Fatigue
SetWaterBreathing <1>Allows breathing under water (0 — disables)
AddSpell <SpellID>Adds the specified spell
SetPCCrimeLevel <#>Sets player Bounty to <#>.
EnableStatReviewMenuBrings up the character modification screen which can be used to change race and other stats.The player will lose all of their spells and their immunity to all diseases (if they have progressed far enough in the main quest).
SetFlying <1>Sets the player’s flying mode. To work, enter the command and then cast a Levitate Spell. The effect should last until the player disables flying with the console (0).
AddItem <ItemID> <#>Adds <#> of a specific item to the player’s inventory
SetSuperJump <1>Allows super jump (0 — disables)
SetLevel <#>Sets player level. For this to work properly, the player will have to either use the command, save the game and restart, or gain a level in the normal fashion after using this command.
SetFatigue <#>Set player’s maximum fatigue
SetWaterWalking <1>Allows to walk on water (0 — disables).
FixMeMove 128 units from current location.
SetHealth <#>Sets maximum health.
SetMagicka <#>Sets maximum magic to value provided
Set<AV> <#>Sets the <AV> (skill such as SetBluntWeapon or attribute SetStrength etc.…).Caution: Increasing speed or acrobatics too high can have detrimental effects!
Quest Commands
Journal <QuestID>, <QuestStage>Adds dialogue to the player’s journal for a stage (given by <QuestStage>), of a quest (given by <QuestID>).
FillJournalAdds all Journal entrys
AddTopic <TopicID>Adds the specified topic.
Toggle Commands
ToggleFogOfWarToggles fog of war in the automap display.
ToggleAIToggle the NPC/creature AI
ToggleWireframeToggles the display of wireframe 3D objects.
ToggleScriptsToggles scripts on and off. (useful if something is disabled by scripts)
ToggleVanityModeToggles the camera into third person, slowly rotating around the player. Note that unlike the vanity mode caused by not doing anything for awhile, this vanity mode must be toggled to go off. Mouse and keyboard commands do not reset it. Thus, this command allows for moving while the camera is rotating.
ToggleFullHelpShows ownership and script of objects the player looks at. Useful for knowing who to avoid selling stolen items to.
ToggleCollisionGridToggles display of the grid which controls how objects collide.
ToggleKillStatsDisplays statistics in the console on how many creatures one has killed each time they kill another.
ToggleSkyToggles the sky on and off.
ToggleCombatStatsToggles combat stats.
ToggleWorldTurns off the world. NPCs will still display until the player moves their camera, at which point they will disappear. Does not actually turn off collision, only hides rendering.
ToggleMenusToggles display of menus and user interface. Useful for taking screenshots.
ToggleTextureStringShows texture strings for targeted objects?
ToggleGridDisplays a grid showing the status of the active (exterior & interior) cells.
ToggleCollisionToggles clipping for the player and all NPCs in range.
ToggleDebugTextToggles display of various debug texts on the screen, such as position & video framerate.
TogglePathGridToggle path grid display. Displays the grid that helps define where NPCs can walk.
ToggleGodModeMakes the player invulnerable. One can actually still die, when using spells on characters or beasts with reflect. For example, when wearing the Mantle of Woe when the sun is out and casually moving around one will not die, but if the Nerevarine does certain actions such as using objects with “Cast When Used” enchantments or casting certain spells in such a situation the player will die.
ToggleStatsToggles display of the various debug statistics.
ToggleBordersToggles the display of exterior cell borders
Targeted Command
UnlockUnlocks the targeted lock (door or container).
SetScale <#>Set’s the targeted NPC/Player to the given height. Replace <#> with the desired height.
Lock <#>Locks the currently selected door or container at whatever lock <#> one inputs (0–100).
ShowGroupShow selected actor’s group members
ShowTargetsShow selected actor’s target group members.
ResurrectWhen used on corpse, resurrects it. NPCs that are dead from the beginning of game are not resurrected. When a NPC is resurrected they get all their items back. Can be used on creatures.
Other Types of Commands
ShowScenegraphCreate a new Window on the desktop with all the game renderer’s information.
CreateMaps <Filename.esp>Creates map image file depending on the Create Maps Enable value in the Morrowind.INI file. If the value is 1, the file FILENAME.ESP.MAP is created in the DataFiles path with the map data. If the value is 2 and one has created a directory Maps in the main Morrowind game directory, this command will create a 256×256 high color bitmap of each exterior cell in the game. This command takes a long while even on fast computers as each cell in the game is loaded.
PlaceAtPC, <ObjectID>, <Count>, <Distance>, <Direction>Places an object near the player.<Distance> is # of units away.<Direction> 1 is in front of the player, 3 is behind.
ChangeWeather <region>, <type>Region: The region’s nameType: The type of the weather 0 = Clear, 1 = Cloudy, 2 = Foggy, 3 = Overcast, 4 = Rain, 5 = Thunder, 6 = Ash, 7 = Blight, 8 = Snow (Bloodmoon required), 9 = Blizzard (Bloodmoon required)
CenterOnExterior, <X, Y>Move to the center of the exterior cell coordinates <X, Y>
ShowVarsLists all the global and/or local variables.
HelpShows shorthand for most commands.
FillMapShow all the marked locations on the world map (does not include solstheim).
Getpos <x, y, or z>Gives the coordinates of the player character on the map.
Set GameHour To <#>Example: set gamehour to 5 would set the time of day to 0500. Note: The game uses a 24-hour clock. While show gamehour returns floating point values (like 3.8646), set gamehour in the console only accepts integers (e.g., 3 or 4).
GetFactionReaction <factionID> <factionID>Display reaction values between two factions.
ModFactionReaction, [FactionID], [FactionID], [Value]Changes Reaction values of first <FactionID> towards members of the second <FactionID>.
Set Timescale To <#>Changes the speed of the day/night cycle. <1> makes the day go at real-time speed; an in-game day would last 24 hours in real life. <10> will make it ten times as fast as real-time (i.e. one in-game day lasts 2.4 hours), etc. The default timescale is <30> (1 ingame day = 48 real minutes).
CenterOnCell <CellID>Moves the player to <CellID>.
addsoulgem <CreatureID>, <soulgemID> 1Adds a soul gem filled with the soul of whatever creature’s ID is used. Console may not accept the numeric input {it may depend upon TES3 Build}. If PC has no empty Soulgems of the specified type, this commands adds 1 filled soulgem without numeric input. BEWARE: AddSoulgem will Fill ALL empty Soulgems in PC’s inventory of the type in the command plus add 1 more as a bonus!! –DerEider (talk) 21:59, November 21, 2017 (UTC)
ResetActorsResets every NPC’s location to where it originally was.
StopCellTestStops a cell test previously started by TestCells
Show <variable>Shows the value of a single variable. Example: Show PCVampire will return 0, 1, or -1 depending on the player’s vampire state.

Summary: I hope you guys are happy with the above Morrowind cheat codes lists that I have presented for you. Happy gaming

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