Isaac Console Commands: All Cheat Codes You Need in 2021

Gamingrobo is here to share Isaac console commands with you to make your gaming experience better and more interesting.

You can surprise your friends by using these cheat codes since they can do the most awesome things that can be a miracle for a normal player.

We have listed Isaac console commands below in this article, but some may not know how you can use these commands.

To use these cheat codes in your game, you must know how you can enable the console to enter those codes.

How to Open Console Window in Isaac?

an image with how to enable console in Isaac.

To use Isaac console commands, first of all, a console must be opened. You can open the console in this game by pressing the tilde (~) or apostrophe (‘) key on your keyboard.

If that key does not help you, you can try these special keys:

  • ö
  • æ
  • ò
  • ё
  • ñ
  • +

After that you can simply enter the command of your choice and hit enter to see its effect.

Isaac Console Commands

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Here is the list of 46 Isaac console commands that we have collected for you.

listcollectibleslistcollectiblesThis command is used to print to the console a list of all items in Isaac’s possession, and how many of each.
reloadwispsreloadwispsThis command is used to reload wisps spawned by Book of Virtues and locusts spawned by Abyss.
lua print(“Hello World!”)

l for _,v in pairs(Isaac.GetRoomEntities()) do if v.MaxHitPoints > 0 then print(v.HitPoints..”/”..v.MaxHitPoints) end end
This command is used to run a line of Lua code.The first example is used to print “Hello World!” to the console, while the second is used to print the current HP and max HP of every entity that has hitpoints.
cutscenecutscene 1This command is used to play the specified cutscene.

This is quite helpful Isaac console commands
reseedreseedThis command is used to generate a new layout for the current floor with a new floor seed.
seedseed GGGG GGGG
seed T1MM AY48
This command is used to start a new run with the inputted seed.
spawnspawn mega maw
spawn 20
spawn 10.1
This command is used to spawn an entity at the center of the room.
clearcacheclearcacheThis command is unknown and may be related to player cache flags.
r2remove2remove2 c1
r2 soy milk
This command is same as remove but for a secondary character such as Esau.
luarunluarun /full_path/hello.lua
luarun relative_path/hello.lua
This command is used to take a path to a lua file and runs it immediately. Paths are relative to the folder where the game is installed.
gridspawngridspawn 1000
gridspawn 1494
gridspawn 9000
gridspawn 9100
This command is used to spawn a grid entity with the given ID at a random place in the room.
reloadfxreloadfxThis console command guarantees the next boss chosen when using Delirious.
stagestage 1
stage 10a
stage 3b
This command is used to teleport Isaac to another floor.
profstopprofstopThis command is used to stop csv file logging and this command may not work.
profprofThis command is used to log some information to csv file in the working directory.
clearclearThis command is used to clear the console. This command is useful for video recording purposes or if you want to dispose of incriminating evidence.
reloadshadersreloadshadersThis command is used to reload the graphical shaders.
rewindrewindThis command is used to make the game forget about the changes in current room and teleports Isaac back to previous room.
challengechallenge 20This command is used to start a new run on a random seed on the given challenge id. 0 starts a run without any challenge active.
macro mom
macro momh
macro hush
macro bigchest
macro hud
macro fc
macro ms
macro mss
macro ug
macro ugg
macro qk
This command is used to trigger a set of commands.
forceroomforceroom s.boss.1010This command is used to set any room as “forced room”.
debugdebug 8This command is used to enable several cheats.
gotogoto s.boss.1010
goto s.error.21
goto d.10
This command is used to teleport Isaac to room layouts which are possible to generate in the current floor.”s” indicates special room types and “d” indicates normal room types.
luamemluamemThis command is used to report memory usage for Lua.
restockrestockThis command is used to restock all shops.
cursecurse 2
curse 16
curse 127
This command is used to set a value corresponding to the sum of the desired curses. Doesn’t work.
netdelaynetdelay 2This command is used to change network delay to a specified value. This can be useful if you see stutters during online gameplay.
metrometro c1This command is used to guarantee the next item chosen when using Metronome.
timetimeThis command is used to print the total amount of time passed on the run.
repeatspawn 10
repeat 50
giveitem meat!
repeat 100
repeat 100
This command is used to repeat the last given command a number of times.
addplayeraddplayer 1
addplayer 6 1
This command is used to spawn a new player entity with controls set to id 0 by default.
remove t53
remove soy milk
remove cursed eye
r bob’s brain
r experi
remove *
This command is used to remove specified items. An asterisk (*) can be input to remove all items from Isaac.
g2giveitem2giveitem2 c105
g2 ipecac
This command is similar as giveitem but for a secondary character such as Esau.
testbosspooltestbosspoolThis command is used to print a list of boss names and percentage chance (100%=10000) for current floor.
eggseggsThis command is used to unlock all Easter Eggs in the menu.
costumetest 33
This command is used to give Isaac a random amount of random costumes, without having the associated items.

A number can be provided to gain a specific amount of random costumes.
clearseedsclearseedsThis command is used to remove all Easter egg effects from the current run.
restart 6
This command is used to reset the game back to the beginning of a new run.

A number can be provided to start a new run as a specific character.
giveitem dr. fetus
giveitem c15
giveitem Petrified Poop
giveitem t15
giveitem ipec
givetim mutant sp
g soy milk
giveitem p0
g p22
giveitem k1
iveitem c6
g k45
This command is used to give items, trinkets, cards, and pills.

IDs are prefixed with c for items, t for trinkets, p for pill effects, and k for cards.
combocombo 0.69This command is used to give you an amount of random items from a specified item pool. The decimal format’s syntax is as follows:

[itempool #].[number of random items]
deliriousdelirious 1
achievementachievement 300
achievement meconium
achievement *
This command is used to unlock the achievement of the specified id.
luamodluamod mygreatmodThis command is used to reload a mod without relaunching the game.
netstartnetstart <steam_user_id1> <steam_user_id2> <steam_user_id3>This command is used to connect players with specified Steam ID to your game. Allows up to 4 players.
playsfxplaysfx 1This command is used to play the specified sound effect id.
copycopy 3This command is used to copy a specified amount of previous console commands to your clipboard.

The command can be pasted into a text editor or into the game.

Frequently Asked Questions About Isaac

an image with frequently asked questions about Isaac written on it

What is the best item in the binding of Isaac?

There is more than one best item in this game. Some of them are Tarot Cloth, Sacred Heart, Brimstone, Magic Mushroom, etc.

What is the rarest item in the binding of Isaac?

Sacred Heart is one of the rarest item in this game.

How many items are in Isaac afterbirth plus?

There are total 341 items in it.

Can you beat binding of Isaac?

Yes, you can do so but you will need some practice for that.

Is Isaac a hard game?

Basically, it is a hard game but if you practice more, it can be easier for you.

Summary: I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found Isaac console commands helpful to make your gaming experience better. You can find console commands for other games here.

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