Enter the Gungeon Console Commands

ETG: Enter the Gungeon Console Commands: Complete Cheat Codes

Let’s grab all Enter the Gungeon Console Commands that help you to hack the game and play better . These cheat codes are the complete list that i compiled my self

Q1. How do i open enter the Gungeon console ( ETG)

In order to open the console in ETG , enter the gungeon  you need to do following:
You need to install the godmode 
And press tilt key [ ~ ]

Enter the Gungeon console Commands Lists: Cheat Codes That Helps you to Play ETG Game Better

Console Commands / CheatsDescripton
defragsavegameDefrags a save game
weatherActivates a custom weather setting
/levelupLevels up the player immediately
ticksOutputs current ticks and allows to enable, disable and set them
itemmenu or imEnables/disables the item (creative) menu [GameMaster]
/maxout2Gives player fullset of steel gear, gives level 35 – does not increase stats
/spawnblessed ???Spawns a blessed item in front of the player
destroymeDestroys the local player (Debug command for killing self)
structlodLists all structures on current playfield (maybe loaded over all playfields?), with distance from player, and name.
sectorsReveal/hide playfields [Moderator]
finishbp or fbpFinish the current blueprint production [GameMaster] (Clears remaining construction time)
statuseffectremoveRemoves a Status Effect from the player
oxygenShow oxygenated areas in POI
playfield or pfReload the current playfield [Admin]
aimanagerAllow to spawn various AI managed by the AIManager
poimanagerPOI Manager [Moderator]
pdaExecute PDA related commands (use ‘help pda’ to see details)
/thirdpersonToggles thirdperson mode (detaches camera from player)
/poisonPoisons the player, making him lose HP
difficultiesShows the current difficulty setting for the game
banBan a player for an amount of time [Moderator]
/spawnbook ???Spawns a readable book with the title given in ‘???’
/dieKills the player
undockUndocks a specified SV or HV. Can be used if problems happen with the undock
mapUncovers all resources and POIs on the map. Use ‘map hide’ for hiding them again. [GameMaster]
terraineditor or teOpens Terrain Editor for SplatMap Terrain
weathersvActivates a custom weather setting on a server
/gold ??Gives the player a specific amount of gold
armorArmor [Moderator]
/minotaurnowSpawn the Minotaur
repairRepair items [Moderator]
setroleSets the role for a player (give special permissions) [Admin]
replaceblocksReplaces the specified blocks in the specified structure. For replacing all blocks, execute cmd as follows: replaceblocks <entityid> -alpha4. DO NOT EXECUTE THIS COMMAND ON A SERVER!
/togglesecretlevelCommand to force toggle the level/secretlevel.txt lists on next map change
giveGive stuff to player [Moderator]
/flamesLights the player on fire
/drunkyMakes the player drunk
unbanUnban a player [GameMaster]
timeGet / set the global server time [server only]
/spawnbook ???Spawns a readable book with the title given in 
/healFills health to the maximum
initadminSets myself as the initial administrator
/levelmagicIncreases the player’s magic skills
siSwitches Structural Integrity on or off
/killmonstersKills all monsters on the level
/nextlevelMoves all players to the next level
/hunger ???Sets the player’s hunger level to the number given in
combinerSwitches mesh combiner on/off
/summon ?Spawns any character(human, shopkeeper, rat, skeleton, ghoul, spider, scorpion, scarab, minotaur, slime, troll, crystal golem, cockatrice, gnome, goblin, kobold, insectoid, goatmen, demom, imp, succubus, incubus, vampire, shadow)
/startfloor ?Changes the floor the player starts at when creating a new game (Question mark is replaced with level)
/lastnameUses your previous-character’s name
debugmenu or dmEnables/disables the debug menu [Moderator]
/damage ?Damages the player a specific amount (Question mark is replaced with amount of damage)
levelModify the Level, Experience Points or Upgrade Points for the current player [GameMaster]
godmode or gmEnables/disables ‘god mode’ [GameMaster]
/spawnitem ???Spawns an item with the name given in ‘???’ at the player’s feet. If the full name is not entered, the first closest match will be spawned
resetcoreIts use to serest the core of the game
gentsList all structures for a faction [Moderator]
/buddhaLeaves the player at 1 HP
setpositionSets the position of an entity [GameMaster]
factionFaction change helper functions [GameMaster]
/manaFills magic to the maximum
/minotaurlevelWill make the current level a Minotaur level, making it spawn after a while
wipewipe <sector> <target> – wipes targeted aspects after reboot of server, such as ‘wipe Akua deposit’ which removes replaces ore deposits.
/levelskill ?Levels a specific skill 10 times (Question mark is replaced with skills 1-13)
globaleffectsShows current global effectsUnsure about what exactly it does..
agToggles AG display on/off (AntiGrief)
helpList all console commands and show specific help
/friendlyMakes the enemies less likely to attack you
prefabactivateprefabinfo <blueprint name> – switches all powered blocks on
destroyDestroys an entity of a structure [Moderator]
execExecutes an executable. Needs documentation
entsList all entities
statuseffectApplies a Status Effect to the player
kickKick player (or all players) out of game [GameMaster]
loadplayfield or lpfLoads a Playfield
opSwitches offline protection on a structure locally on/off
prefabinfoprefabinfo <user blueprint name> – shows infos about a user Blueprint (specify a name as listed in your Blueprint Library)
/godMakes the player invincible
/spawnitem ???Spawns an item with the name given in ‘???’ at the player’s feetIf the full name is not entered, the first closest match will be spawned
entityAllows to do several operations on an entity
/spawncursed ???Spawns a cursed item in front of the player
uresourceManage underground ressources
originsList origins
/summonallWill spawn all human AI’s
/spawncursed ???Spawns a cursed item in front of the player (Replace question mark with item name)
/maxout3Same as Maxout2 but sends you to Mystic Citadel
/jumplevel ?Skips levels, letting you teleport between them (Question mark is replaced with level 1-30)
alliancesLists alliances or alliance requests and allows to set alliances
changemodeChanges a local survival game into creative and vice versa. You need to restart the game after the switch! Does not work for Multiplayer!
/summonchestSpawns a random chest in front of the player
generatemapGenerates a 2D map image of the current world.
/cureCures a poisoned player
/maxskill ?Maxskill have values 0 – 15, 0 being “locks” and 13 being “shield” with 2 reserved slots – Negative values work (Warning: beyond -233 crashes the game)
decoEnables to switch on and off the decorations of the terrain and gets some stats
spawnanyblueprint or sbpSwitches spawning of any blueprint to on/off. Abbreviation: sbp
markerMarker [Moderator]
/spawnblessed ???Spawns a blessed item in front of the player (Replace question mark with item name)
teleport or ttTeleports you (and the ship you currently control – if any) to a given location or enables teleportation on map [GameMaster]
gameoptions or goptLists all the current game option values
aiSwitches AI on/off
/gold ??Gives the player a specific amount of gold (Question mark is replaced with amount)
mergestructsMerges two structurers into one
listLists special players (i.e. with special permissions or banned players) [GameMaster]
/savemap ???Saves the current map as a file (Question mark is replaced with savefile’s name)
/exitQuits the whole game without confirmation
/dowseSpecifies the locations of all exit ladders on the level
/maplevelReviels the whole map for the player
/brawlermodeOnly punches and throwing potions allowed
/lastcharacterLoads the last created class/sex/appearance
findFinds a structure by name within the current playfield and prints its id [GameMaster]
/noclipToggles flight
/dropgold ??Drops gold from players pocket (Question mark is replaced with amount)
setdevicespublicSets the specified devices to public
setrotationSets the rotation of a structure [GameMaster]
sectorjumps to a specific sector [GAmeMaster]
detachDetaches the local player if he has the ‘stuck under cockpit’ problem (debug command)
/atkspeed ?Changes the speed of attack enemies can deal (Replace question mark with speed in positive/negative numbers, e.g. 0.5)
regenerateregenerate <ID number from DI window> – Regenerates object such as restoring a POI
GrassRefresh grass commands
/maxout4Gives you everything + fullset steel gear, does not level stealth
/posSpecifies the current camera position and orientation
diShow/hide additional debug information
tradersLists all traders and allows to reload the config file
/nummonstersCounts the number of monsters still left on that map
statsPrints status information about the current playfield


The above table consists of all enter the gungeon commands cheat sheet that you can use to play it in a better way. If you are searching for another game to play, please try Oblivion. Here are oblivion console commands for making gaming easier and entertaining.

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