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Doom Console commands: The Best Working Cheat Codes

So are you looking fo some ways to hack the game by using some dev cheat codes? Here is the complete list of  Doom Console commands that working in 2020 and beyond 

  1. How do you use console commands in doom?

    In order to activate and use console commands in doom 
    You need to press [ CTRL +  ALT + ~ ]

  2. doom console commands not working

    If your doom console commands not working then probably dev mode is not enabled Read this to enable god mode 

Doom Console Commands: Complete Cheat Lists that Works

Console Commands / CheatsDescription
tntemKills all monsters.
tntkeybGives the player both blue keys.
tntpushToggles point pushers.
tntkeybcGives the player the blue keycard.
tntkeyycGives the player the yellow keycard.
tntkeybsGives the player the blue skull key.
tntkeyyGives the player both yellow keys.
tntsmartToggles smart monsters.
tntkeyrcGives the player the red keycard.
tnthomToggles HOM autodetector.
tnticeToggles variable friction on floors.
tntcompToggles compatibility with version 1.9 of the Doom executables.
tntpitchToggles pitched sounds.
tntammo#, tntamo#Toggles the ammo for selected category or adds/removes a backpack. 1 for bullets, 2 for shells, 3 for rockets, 4 for cells, and B for backpack.
tntkeyrsGives the player the red skull key.
tntfastToggles fast monsters.
tntkaGives the player all keys.
tntkeyysGives the player the yellow skull key.
tntkeyrGives the player both red keys.
tntweap#Gives or takes the weapon specified.
tntran, tnttranToggles translucency.
godGod mode (toggle on/off).
warp #Warps to map #, same as the idclev cheat code.
killkills all monsters of all types on the level.
suicidekills the player. A message will come up on screen asking the player to confirm that they wish to suicide.
noclipNo-clipping mode (toggle on/off).
spawnmobj (ID) X Y Z (facing angle)Spawns an actor at the specified co-ordinates facing the specified angle. The ID’s for actors can be found in the mobj definitions (the default ones are in objects.ded).
makecam *Changes the player into a camera that allows them to fly through the level and walls like a ghost. Monsters become dormant and will not attack a camera player. 1 turns on Camera mode and 0 turns it off.
idflyToggles fly.
godToggles god mode on/off.
noclipToggles no-clipping mode on/off.
killKills the player (although without actually removing the player’s health).
gimme weaponsGives all weapons.
gimme healthGives full health.
gimme keysGives all keys.
gimme mapReveals the current level on the automap the same way as the Computer area map powerup.
gimme x weaponGive a specific weapon such as a plasma rifle (gimme plasma)
idkillallKills all monsters on the map, except for lost souls that emerge from slain pain elementals
idsuicideKills the player [commits suicide]
idgive#Gives the player all weapons for slot#, along with ammo corresponding to those weapons. # can be from 1 to 10
idhomTurns “Hall of Mirrors” mode on. Any hall of mirrors effects are instead outlined by a green backdrop.
ghostToggles Heretic Shadowsphere effect.
hidemeToggles total invisibility. Monsters are not activated unless they are hurt or hear a shot.
iamtheoneToggles god mode, total invisibility, silencer, and infinite ammo cheats, while also providing full armor, ammo, and weapons.
infshotsToggles infinite ammo.
silenceToggles silencer powerup. Weapon sounds will not activate monsters
anubisMakes monsters afraid of the player (toggle on/off).
buddhaMakes the player’s health unable to drop below 1% from damage taken (toggle on/off).
flyAllows the player to fly (toggle on/off).
freezeFreeze Mode (stops all monsters, projectiles, friendlies and item animations, but not the player or environmental animations
give *Gives the player items: “*” can be “all” (give everything), “health” (give full health), “weapons” (give all weapons), “ammo” (give full ammo), “armor” (give full armor), “keys” (give all keys), “puzzlepieces” (puzzle items), or the name of a specific item. This can sometimes be used to obtain items from other Doom-based games; for example, “give upgradestamina” results in a stamina implant even while playing Doom, Doom II, Heretic, or Hexen.
godGod mode (toggle on/off).
hxvisit #Warps to map # using the map’s warptrans value, same as the “visit” Hexen cheat.
idclev #Warps to map #, same as the idclev cheat code.
iddqdGod mode and 100% health.
infoPrints debugging information about the actor in the player’s crosshair.
kill *“kill” by itself causes the player to commit suicide; with an actor name it eliminates all monsters of that type (for example “kill doomimp” kills all imps); “kill monsters” kills all monsters of all types on the level.
linetargetPrints the actor name, current health, and spawn health of the monster in the player’s crosshair.
mdkKills whatever the player’s crosshair is pointing at. Stands for “murder death kill”, a reference to the movie Demolition Man.The actual damage done to the target is 10,000,000 points, so a DeHackEd patch could conceivably allow certain monsters to survive. This code cannot be used in deathmatch games, even with cheats enabled.1
morphmeWhen playing in Hexen or Doom, turns the player into a Hexen pig, if the appropriate graphics are available. When playing Heretic, this code transforms the player into a Heretic chicken.
noclipNo-clipping mode (toggle on/off).
notargetMonsters will not see the player unless hurt. If a monster has already seen a player, it will still pursue the player even when the cheat is activated. (toggle on/off).
powerupGives the same power as the Tome of Power if playing Heretic.
resurrectIf the player is dead, revives them with full health. This cannot be used if the player’s camera has been separated from the body, which happens for example if the player is frozen to death and shattered, or has been gibbed in Heretic, or as the Warrior in Hexen.
summon *Spawns an actor (monster). The dumpclasses actor command can be used to see all the spawnable actors.
summonfriend *Same as “summon”, except that the spawned monster will attack enemies. A friendly Arch-Vile created this way will resurrect both friendly and enemy monsters, turning them friendly. Friendly Cyberdemons are also able to injure enemy Cyberdemons with their rockets (and vice-versa), ignoring Cyberdemon’s immunity to their own rockets.
sv_fastweapons #Changes speed of weapons. “#” can be any number from 0-2; the default is 0.
sv_infiniteammo #If “#” is 1, enables infinite ammo. If “#” is 0, disables it.
sv_unlimited_pickup #(true/false) Enable to pick up ammunition beyond the maximum amount that could currently be held. (Originally meant as a debugging aid.)
turbo #Changes player speed, similar to the “-turbo” command line in vanilla Doom. “#” can be any number from 10-255; the default is “100”.


So, hope you guys got all the cheats that you were expecting to use in the game doom to play in the better way . If you have any question do let me know 

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